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Starting January 8th 2024, our diverse retail locations will come together under a single identity: Direct Pool Supplies.
Visit the Direct Pool Supplies website to learn how this will benefit you.
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Rebrand sale and much more in-store

08 January 2024

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  Zodiac AX20 Pool Cleaner
  Pool heat pumps - Enjoy year-round pool fun with EvoHeat
  Winterise your pool with our Winter Box product selections and SAVE
  Discover the Ultimate Luxury with the myHotTub 6 Person Spa!
  Going on a winter holiday? Have Essential Pools look after your pool while you are away
  Introducing the myChillout 5-Person Spa: Unwind and Connect in Style!
  myFavourite 6 person spa - 43 Classic
  Heat Pump pool heating - The gold standard
  Shaun and Sarah lit up their pool and beamed after prize win
  Pool Blankets - The best kept pool care secret
  How to keep your chlorinator cell clean
  Solar Pool Heating explained
  How do I prevent the build up of calcium on my pool wall?
  What are the choices for pool heating?
  How to remove organic stains from a pool with Focus Stain Off
  How to remove copper and other stains from the pool surface
  Stain Struggles: Solving the Mystery of My Pool Wall Markings
  Stock in-store of Maytronics Pool Robots
  Pool handrails add convenience, safety and style to pools
  The History Of Swimming Pools
  Are Stabiliser And Sunscreen The Same?
  Davey Silensor
  Maintain a healthy pool water level
  Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank pool suction cleaner robot
  Do I need to do anything about the ducks in my pool?
  Dolphin S 400
  What to do about a pool that has been flooded with silt
  Pool Tips: My Pool's overflowing
  Zodiac G2
  2 for $18.95 : Lochlor Miraclear Pool Clarifier Cubes
  Pool Tips: How to prime your pool pump
  Using Automatic Lights & Pool Blankets Can Save You More Than Just Time
  Pool Tips: Pool Lights Can Hold Back The Dark
  Return The Sparkle To Your Pool By Using Clarifier
  Pool Tips: Don't let your pool turn Green
  Pool Tips: My Dogs Have Invaded My Pool!
  This Summer, New Pool Toys Can Keep Your Pool Feeling Fresh
  Pool Tips: How To Manage Black Spot Algae
  You Can See Our Range Of Excellent Spa Products And Equipment In Our Store
  Upgrading Your Pool To Use An Automatic Chlorinator Can Give You Back Your Weekends
  This Summer, An Ounce Of Prevention Can Keep Your Pool Safe
  Can A Robotic Pool Cleaner Make Keeping My Pool Clean Easy?
  We have Pool Salt in stock
  Your Chance To Win A $5000 Holiday
  Make Keeping Your Pool Clean As Simple As Possible By Keeping The Right Equipment Available
  Need Your Pool Cleaned? Call The Essential Pools Team
  For the best pool care at Essential Pools Taree
  For the best pool care at Essential Pools Taree
  Save Your Pool From Going Green By Upgrading To A Smart Chlorinator
  When Your Pool Pump Breaks, Your Pool Water Could Take On An Emerald Tint
  Do You Need A Sausage Or Service?

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